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What is a Ghost Producer?

A Ghost Producer is a music production professional who most often collaborates anonymously with artists, helping to create tracks and songs without being publicly credited.

RVERSO GHOST is a platform that connects artists with talented Ghost Producers. They work together to create high-quality music tracks, including WAV files, MP3s, extended versions, instrumentals, and remix packs.

Using a Ghost Producer helps maintain a frequency of releases, explore new musical styles and receive assistance from experts to create quality and competitive music within the music market.

When you purchase a track, you will receive WAV, MP3, extended versions, instrumentals and, in some cases, remix packs and MIDI.

No, catalog songs do not include reworks on our part, to request a personalized production visit the page SERVICES and make a budget.

Yes, you can use the purchased tracks for commercial purposes, read our Terms and conditions to find out more information.

RVERSO GHOST guarantees the authenticity and originality of its songs, we do not sell more than one unit. Therefore, if you buy a track through the catalogue, we guarantee that it will be a unique and exclusive copy.

 Some production designs can be purchased separately, providing a more detailed look at the creative process.

We offer several payment options, including credit card, PayPal, Pix and other secure online payment solutions.

No, Ghost Producers work anonymously and are not publicly credited.

RVERSO GHOST has personalized and personal support with the client, so they are aware of the entire production process and the progress itself, our personalized services are carried out 100% in conjunction with/directed by the client.

RVERSO GHOST has a refund policy that allows you to request a Reimbursement within a certain period, subject to Terms and conditions.

 Yes, the copyright of the tracks is transferred to you after purchase, as per the Terms and conditions.

Yes, you can use the tracks on streaming platforms and social networks, no authorization from us is required. The Customer buys, the music is theirs.

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